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Full Spectrum Doula Training
Doula Trainees Hosted by BirthNet with ASDS Trainer Chanel Portia-Albert. Taken by trainee Jayana LaFountain of Jayana LaFoto

Healthy families begin with healthy communities and with that in mind, Birthnet decided to tackle major public health issues such as poor birth outcomes in Black and Brown communities.

Birthnet started the work by hosting the first doula training in the Capital District in 2019. Our Full Spectrum Doula Training was led by Chanel Portia-Albert from Ancient Song Doula Services (ASDS).

Community Doula trainings are not just an intervention to improve birth outcomes but also an opportunity to give back to the community.

As part of the birth justice movement serving The Capital District of New York - such as Albany County, Birthnet is committed to support, empower and care for birthing members of the community. Birthnet works to empower BIPOC with education and tools to have healthy babies and positive birth experiences regardless of their: gender, size, sexuality, orientation, culture or family structure.

Donations and community support also made our doula training successful and there is already a waiting list to attend the next hosted training by Birthnet. Despite the challenges of COVID, community doulas did an amazing job supporting families, against all odds .

Even with evidence-based research supporting doula care as an intervention to improve birth outcomes in low-income communities, it is still seen as a luxury. Birthnet believes that doula care and any care related to birth is a need and a right everyone should have.

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